ENWHP. Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union


“Luxembourg Declaration for Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union” was adopted by all members of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion at the network meeting held in Luxembourg on November 27-28, 1997

The Luxembourg Declaration principles are:

• Company codes of conduct and guidelines that view employees not only as cost factors but as important success factors

• Company culture and management policies that include the participation of the employees and encourages them to assume responsibility

• Work organisation that enables employees to balance the demands made by the job with their own personal skills and to control their own
work and social support

• Personnel policies that incorporate health targets into all other areas of the company

• Integrated occupational health and safety services

• Inclusion of employees in health issues at all levels (participation)

• Systematic implementation of all measures and programmes (project management)

• Linking risk reduction strategies with the development of safety factors and health potentials (comprehensive approach)

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